I have always wanted to make my own milk by-products. First on my list is yogurt. I eat a lot of yogurt. I go through one of those big tubs of yogurt in 4 days. Every morning, I wake up, put some yogurt on granola and fruit and that’s my breakfast.

I followed a tutorial from the Times and one I found from randomly while googling.

I will say that the NYT tutorial was a bit better for me because I got too bogged down by the details from the other more comprehensive guide. I also got frustrated with my thermometer and that made me throw out my whole first attempt. By my second attempt, I just eyeballed the thing and didn’t use a thermometer.

Harmony Milk from Fiesta Farms.
I got some nice whole milk from Fiesta Farms (new favourite grocery store!). On my first attempt, I did the double boiler thing. On my second attempt, I just heated the milk directly.

milk in a double boiler

Heated the milk up until it got all steamy. Put the pot into an ice bath and waited for the milk to cool off. Added the last two tablespoons of balkan style yogurt from the store. Stirred the whole thing up. Put it into a pyrex covered container, wrapped everything into a towel, and put it into the oven with just the light on. The hardest part was to wait 7 hours.

After 7 hours, I lined a colander with cheese cloth, poured the mixture into the colander and set it over a mixing bowl overnight. Here’s the end product: yogurt!

I especially enjoyed this morning’s breakfast!
mmm, yummy breakfast

The only thing I would change is that I would wait longer than 7 hours so that the yogurt would come out more tart. Otherwise, the consistency was right on the money.