bag of mint

My friend R was moving out of her place last week, and I helped her move into her new place. Before she vacated the premises, we grabbed as much mint as possible from the garden she was leaving. By the way, apparently, you’re supposed to plant mint in a pot, otherwise it will take over your entire garden. I filled a bag full of mint and there was still plenty left growing in the garden.

I had dreams of making some mint juleps, but there was a lot of mint, and I haven’t found a proper julep cup yet.

Instead, I went back to the chutney recipe from last month.

I did one thing a bit differently, I let my tamarind soak longer.
tamarind soaking

Last time, I only let my tamarind soak for about 15 minutes and it was hard to seed. This time around I let the tamarind soak for 24 hours. Other sites say that you can soak for a minimum of 2 hours and it will be easier to handle.

Same basic premise, ginger, garlic, red onion, chilies, lemon juice, tamarind, mint, salt, pepper:
mint chutney pre blend

Blend everything well:
mint chutney blended

Easy peasy, the whole process took about 15 minutes plus 24 hours for tamarind soaking.

I had never seen mint flowers before, and assume that they’re edible. Has anyone tried cooking with them? Or are they purely ornamental?