Iced coffee is the best thing to drink on a hot summer’s day. I can’t wait for the summer just so I can drink copious amounts of iced coffee (among other cold beverages). I had my first iced coffee of the spring on April 13th, hoping to bring summer more quickly. As many of you have noticed, it has only started to get nice and hot here in Toronto just in the last two weeks.

I was excited to start cold brewing my coffee again for my morning cup of joe.

cold brewed coffee

It’s the easiest thing to do. Get a mason jar, fill it with water and coffee and then just let it sit for about 24 hours. I stick mine in the fridge, but you can also just leave it on the counter top. To strain out the grains, you can just use a fine mesh sieve, or your french press. My inspiration for cold brewing came from an article in the NYT a few years ago. The taste of cold brewed coffee is much more complex than a cup of hot coffee.