After a few days in the glass of water, my mint started to shoot!

mint cutting shooting

cutting close-up

I planted the cuttings and am now hoping for the whole thing to root or whatever it’s supposed to do. The whole thing not dying would be good.

planted mint cuttings


mint in a glass of water

I’m no green thumb. I was never the kid with the grow-op, always forgot to water my mom’s plants while she was away, and a bit disassociated with nature having grown up in the city. I want to be a good foodie/advocate/conscious eater, but I have this huge blindspot. I’m not all that comfortable with nature, the outdoors, or gardening. My mother is a prodigious gardener, and I’ve inherited none of it. She grows her own Chinese vegetables ever since I can remember, and I’ve barely ever even owned a plant. I hope that I possess some kind of nurturing capacities, but for plants so far I’ve shown none.

This is my first experiment with gardening. The earlier post about mint chutney reminded me that mint is really easy to grow. Apparently you can just look at mint, and it’ll grow a lot for you.

Anyway, I’m currently hoping the the sprigs that are on my windowsill will sprout, and I’ll have more to write about. For now, let’s just hope the darn thing sprouts.