fish fry fail (cod)

I’ve been buying fish lately at Fiesta Farms. Tilapia and snapper have fared well. This week, I got a big filet of cod because it was on sale. I thought to myself, cod will taste delicious, and if there’s a book on the history of cod (on my shelf, never read) and that old Canadian heritage commercial about the colonization of Canada because of all the cod, well then, it must be tasty and easy to prepare.

Nope, no dice. The first night, I pan fried the cod and added a squeeze of lemon. Ok, but nothing to write home about.

The 2nd night, I thought I’d do a kind of fish fry. A handful of flour, some cumin, tumeric, cayenne, salt and pepper, coated the fish and fried it up. Again, ok but nothing special.

Before the night of the fish fry, I looked up some recipes for inspiration, but most recipes call for salt cod. I think maybe the moral of this story is that I should wait to find a super delicious recipe (ask my mom), or leave the bacalhau to the professionals. Or keep experimenting until it goes off sale at Fiesta Farms.


fresh fig

Fresh figs are available right now at Fiesta Farm. 2 for $1, or a case for $10. Also, the fruit market on Bloor across from PAT is selling 2 pint boxes for $6.

I’m currently apartment hunting in Toronto and traveling all over the place, so my posts will be a bit sparse.

But, I did check out an apartment on Sterling which so happened to be right next to the Nestle factory. The street smelled like chocolate.

Also, I snapped a few pictures:



Coffee Crisp


Chocolate and Zucchini is a favourite of mine. I’m in the middle of traveling, and moving, so I’ll be kitchenless until May-ish. Meanwhile, I’ve been filing away recipes to try, including this one from Chocolate and Zucchini on Chocolate Chip Cookies.

HT to Raj